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You’re about to set off on your next adventure, you’ve chosen your destination and you’ve purchased (or hired) your caravan, RV or tent so it’s time to hit the road! We have developed a range of tips to help you prepare for an enjoyable holiday.

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When you commence your caravan and camping adventures it is important to make sure you have everything to make your travels comfortable and memorable.

To ensure this happens, we have developed a range of checklists to help you prepare for an enjoyable holiday.

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rvSafe Handbook

The rvSafe Handbook in the below link, is the best resource to date and is the most comprehensive recreational vehicle safety guide containing everything for the experienced RV driver and any newcomer to the open road. It features information on towing, vehicle weights and weight distribution, speed, overtaking safely, UHF radio communication, rest, roadside services, consumer behaviour and licensing.

View the rvSafe Handbook :: Download the rvSafe Handbook

Rebate Scheme

Large Towed Recreational Vehicle Rebate Scheme

The NSW Government’s Large Towed Recreational Vehicle Toll Rebate allows drivers to claim back additional costs from towing on NSW toll roads.

The rebate scheme is available for NSW Residents

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