On the Road Safety Checklist

The list can be modified to suit your own needs.

These checks should be done during your road trip.

  • Check that the couplings and safety chains are securely fastened and in good condition.
  • If you think your camper’s brakes and wheel bearings are overheating compare them to your car brakes.
  • Always check that the lights, blinkers and break lights are working.
  • Check the tyres to ensure they are not going down as you travel.
  • Occasionally look inside your Caravan or RV to check everything is secure.
  • When driving along gas cylinders should be turned off, always check before starting your journey each day.
  • Pop Top caravans-When raising the roof of a pop-top or campervan it is advisable to leave the main door open. If the main door is closed during this raising operation it can cause a vacuum inside the RV and make the roof a little difficult to raise. Leaving the door open will allow air to come into the campervan or pop-top whilst the roof is being raised and therefore make the raising operation much easier.
  • Check the Service Manual for your vehicle and camper for specific instructions.

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