Protect Your Camping Perishable Foods

Protect your camping perishables for longer with these top touring tips.

Pantry Veggies

Veggies stored in your pantry at home, such as pumpkins, onions and potatoes, have real staying power at camp but you can make them go further again by keeping them in a dark place and wrapping them up in local newspaper.

Chilled Veggies

Refrigerated veggies like broccoli, celery and carrots spoil faster by comparison but tend to do well when wrapped with paper towel, especially when stored with dedicated green veggie bags that are designed to slow down the ripening process.

These nifty green bags are available to purchase from major supermarket chains, just be sure to replace paper towel should it become damp.

Tins & Glass

If you’re storing tinned food in a box, labelling the food item at the top of each lid with a thick permanent black texta will save you from rummaging the tuckerbox when the kids are gnawing at your arms. You can treat glass containers the same way but be sure to slot them into stubby holders to minimise breakages at camp.

Dry Foods

Plastics and storage systems can cost a mint but flour, cereal and pasta will stack as easily and as nicely in those square plastic 1kg fruit containers. Bread loafs, however, do better in their plastic bag, wrapped with newspaper and then foil.

Opt for an unsliced brown loaf if you’re looking to keep it for longer.


Refrigerated meats last longer sealed in cryovac, although chicken will still deteriorate faster than other meats preserved in this way. Meat with bones can also compromise cryovac seals so aim to use these varieties first! Cutting meat prior to packing increases the overall surface area causing it to deteriorate at a faster pace.

Remember, too, a large piece of frozen meat optimises your cold store facility help it maintain stable temperature even when you’re confronted with variable conditions.