Roadtrip With Friends

If you’re kid-free and carefree but that overseas holiday feels out of reach, or you’re just keen to get away right now, nothing beats a camping or caravanning adventure.

Scroll through your Instagram feed these days, and it’s hard not to experience severe FOMO (fear of missing out). Between pictures of your friends posing in Paris, gazing into the Grand Canyon, or dancing in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, it can feel like everyone is enjoying an international adventure. However, there’s plenty to explore right in your own backyard. Whether you’re after a rugged landscape off the tourist trail, a gourmet foodie paradise, or a pristine coastal getaway, by simply pitching a tent or hitching up a caravan, it’s there for the taking – sometimes all of it, in one holiday! Not convinced yet? Here are the best reasons to spend your next annual leave holiday camping or caravanning.

Sure, you’ll need a rough idea of where to go and how to get there but beyond that, there’s not much to plan. As long as you’ve got enough supplies and fuel in the car, the country’s your oyster! You can forget about the hassles of passports and visas, and learning a new language. An adventurous spirit, laid-back attitude, and lack of concern about dirt are all you need.

The best thing about caravanning and camping is that it’s one of the best ways to have a great time while pinching pennies. Whether you’re going solo, as a couple or with a group of mates, it’s relatively cheap to pitch a tent, or rent a caravan, campervan or camper trailer and head off to explore somewhere new. You don’t have to go too far. Drive an hour or two from any city and you’re guaranteed to find a little patch of paradise. Stock up on food and drinks, set up camp, and let the good times roll.
If you’re scarred from childhood camping memories full of sibling arguments, now’s the time to let it go and create your own memories. Whether it’s with your friends or significant other, there’s nothing like finding a camping spot that’s ‘yours’ – no matter how many others share it – that you can return to every year. Think about it this way – each year you’re creating a new batch of stories to retell over the campfire next year. Priceless.

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