Working On The Road

While holidaying indefinitely is an alluring pipe-dream, working on the road is how many of us fulfil our travelling ambitions. But more than just bolstering the bank balance, it can plug us into communities in ways visiting as tourists simply can’t. And the benefits go both ways, too, with isolated regions gaining from our diverse work and life experiences.

So let’s discuss some of the opportunities available…

Mobile Office

As communication networks expand and technology increases, working remotely has become easier than ever before for RV travellers, with many opportunities requiring little more than a computer, an internet connection and a pleasant space in which to work. Self-employed and those whose employers buy into the vision can tour far earning an income. Of course, planning is essential where communications are lacking.


When times are lean or where distances are vast, rural communities can struggle to sustain nice-to-haves such as salons or bookkeeping services that border on essential.

Enterprising nomads have cottoned onto this fact, providing prized services to residents and holidaymakers wherever they go. But as with all businesses, legal obligations are given.

Professional Agency Work

While some are brazen or financial enough to pick up work as they go, others prefer the security of locking in work in advance, which heavily influences itineraries. Some industries, like nursing, provide solid pathways for professionals, with established agencies linking vocationally-qualified overlanders with communities Australia-wide.

Broader Opportunities

Of course, travel opportunities are wider for those willing to work in a variety of vocations, with pubs and hotels, caravan parks and other tourist operators seeking assistance in peak tourist seasons. Open-minded nomads sporting a can-do attitude can locate a broad spectrum of opportunities online, including truck driving, mustering, fruit-picking and packing, cleaning, anything catering-related, farm maintenance and more.