7 Rules for Happy Campers

Caravanning and camping is a favourite holiday for Australians and camp manners are a important but make sure you’re not that camper who annoys everyone else.

Here are top seven rules to make sure everyone gets to be a happy camper.

  1. Leave footprints, never rubbish!

Leaving a mess behind you is the worst thing you can do. Always dispose of rubbish in the bins provided or take it with you if there are none. Litterbugs are never welcome neighbours and it is bad for the environment and the local wildlife. The same rule applies for any amenities you use – make sure you leave them tidy for the next happy camper.

  1. Keep it quiet at night

Noise travels at night, and extremely well through tents and caravan walls! Be a great neighbour by not playing loud music late at night or opening and closing doors noisily if you are an RV. Same goes for mornings; let everyone else keep snoozing until the sun is well and truly up.

  1. Enjoy the wide open spaces

Where the campground allows, leave a bit of space between your campsite and your neighbours. Most campers like a bit of breathing space so don’t camp right on top of someone else when there is room to spread out. If someone got in before you and got the choice spot, don’t be a bad sport and cramp their style.

  1. Go easy with the generator

If you find yourself camping where you need to use a generator, for the love of getting-away-from-it-all please use it sparingly! We know how handy it is to have a bit of electricity now and then, but try to minimise the noise pollution and never keep them running during the night.

  1. No shortcuts through campsites

Walk around your neighbours’ campsite instead of through it. We all know that no one owns their patch of grass or sand but it’s home for a little while, so wherever possible avoid taking shortcuts through other people’s campsites. It’s just polite.

  1. Take pictures, but nothing else!

It really should go without saying that we never remove wildlife or things from the natural environment. This includes chopping down healthy trees for firewood – try gathering branches or using dead trees. And if you are lucky enough to camp where there is a shared convenience (like loo paper!), leave some for the next campers who come along to use the space.

  1. Mind the rules of the caravan park or campground

We know that camping is all about holiday time so try to remember that those rules and regulations are simply there to ensure everyone is free to enjoy their holiday while sharing the space with others. So do your bit and mind those rules for the sake of happy campers everywhere!


Be a good camper because good campers are happy campers!


Original story Lets Go Caravan & Camping.