What is a Hybrid Camper?

A hybrid camper is a blend between a caravan and a camper trailer.

Like other camper trailers, the hybrid has a narrow body, about the width of a large four wheel drive, making them easy to pilot down narrow bush tracks. They also slipstream well behind the vehicle on the highway, reducing fuel costs.


  • Completely lockable, so you and your gear are much more secure.
  • Built-in features such as lounge chairs, beds and dining tables make camping more comfortable.
  • Solid sidewalls can allow you to fit extra accessories such as electric awnings and LED camp lights.
  • Available with toilet and shower options, either built in or added on.


  • Generally heavier than most other camper trailer styles.
  • Top-heaviness can affect off road ability.
  • More susceptible to damage on tight tracks.
  • Storage space is pre-set.

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