Water Saving Tips Whilst On the Road

Did you know?

Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent with 70% of the land arid and we are currently we are experiencing the worst drought in living memory.

Here are few simple steps to reduce the amount of water you use as you take that short break or extended trip when caravan and camping.


  • Cook one pot meals to cut down on pans.
  • Cook on a Camp Fire or BBQ.
  • Boil water to wash up – Use a kettle instead of running the water until it gets hot.
  • Use any used or left-over water to water the garden or grass.
  • Soak your pots and pans before scraping them clean. It’s more water efficient than using running water.
  • Instead of rinsing, scrape your dishes clean before washing.
  • Reuse the same drinking glass throughout the day to cut back on washing.
  • Roast vegetables in the campfire instead of boiling or steaming.
  • Soak fruit and vegetables and wipe off instead of cleaning under running water.


  • Use a cup of water to clean your teeth.
  • Only use the full flush in the toilet when necessary.
  • Limit your shower time to no more than 3 mins. Purchase a suction timer to monitor.
  • Use water collected from your shower wash in your chemical toilet or to do your laundry.


  • Ensure you washing machine/dish washer is set to an Eco setting and only use them when they are full.
  • Reuse towels and clothes to reduce the number of times you wash.
  • Use wool wash in your laundry wash as it doesn’t need rinsing.


  • Use a range of spray bottles – one with a mix of liquid soap and water for washing grubby hands, one with dishwashing liquid and water and one with plain water to make a refreshing spray on those hot nights.
  • Baby wipes can be used to replace a full-on shower, and to clean surfaces.
  • Wash your furry friend in a bucket and not under a running hose.
  • Report any leaking taps or water resources.