Toolbox and Spare Parts Checklist

Whether you’re changing tyres, fixing leaks or just doing general caravan maintenance on the road, it will be easier if you’re equipped with the right tools.

Some of these might vary depending on where you’re travelling, but here’s a basic list of tools every caravan should have:

The list can be modified to suit your own needs.

Toolbox Suggestions

∆         Air compressor, tyre lever, tyre pressure gauge, tool kit with at least basic tools, tyre repair kit.

∆          A wheel brace suitable for wheel nuts of the towing vehicle.

∆          Take stabilising blocks for when the ground is uneven or soft.

∆          Socket wrench set (standard and metric) and a selection of spanners.

∆          Phillips head and flat bladed screwdrivers (large, medium, small).

∆          Standard & Channel-lock pliers (medium and large).

∆         Small drill bit set with sizes ranging from 1/16- to 1/4-inch. Suitable for both metal and wood.

∆          Cordless drill with spare battery.

∆         Sturdy claw hammer – to straighten and bend, drive nails and stakes and pull them out again.

∆          Pocket knife for cutting rope and twine, stripping wire insulation.

∆          Hobby knife with blade protector and extra blades.

∆          Wire cutters for cutting electrical wire.

∆          Tape measure.

∆          Mini hacksaw with extra blades.

∆          Small 2 bubble spirit level to make sure your van or motorhome is properly levelled.

∆         Folding tree saw. Emergency use only; rangers and camp hosts frown when you start your own tree service on government and private land.

∆          “Super” glue for high strength repairs.

∆          Vinyl adhesive for fixing tears in same-named fabrics.

∆          Thread locker glue to prevent screws and bolts from vibrating loose.

∆         Multi-purpose adhesive for re-affixing door seals, loose trim and molding, and re-sticking peeling decals.

∆          Silicon sealant to keep the rain from creeping in.

∆          Seam sealer (for tents), for keeping the dew on the outside.

∆          Rubber gloves, plus a sturdy pair of leather work gloves.

∆          Breakdown warning triangles and Hi Vis vests.


Spare Parts Suggestions

∆          One or more spare wheels, tyre, tube to suit your vehicle, caravan or RV.

∆          Electrical wire and insulating tape.

∆          Spare coolant, engine oil, radiator hose and spare fan belt.