Sharing Your Campsite With Wildlife

Camping and wildlife go hand in hand so here are a few simple tips to keep yourself and the wildlife safe and ensure a happy and comfortable campsite.

Do not feed wildlife

Feeding wildlife is dangerous and can be unhealthy for the animal. Not only does it encourage the wildlife into your camp site, it teaches wildlife to associate people with food and lose their natural fear of us and start to expect and inevitable demand to be feed.

Store food and rubbish securely

Food and food smells will attract animals and inevitably they will become a nuisance. Make sure you keep food in secure containers and food scraps in thick bags that are also kept in secure containers.  Take all food and rubbish away with you when you leave the campsite.


The colour of lighting can help keep insects away. Replaced globes with yellow-hued ones as these will reduce the amount of insects.

Carry a torch at night

Carrying a torch at night is important for safety so you can see where you are walking and what you are standing on.

Wear protective clothing

If you are prone to mosquito bites, cover up with long pants and shirts at night. Fly nets are also a benefit.

Natural insect repellent

An essential item, a natural insect repellent can deter insects such as flies and mosquitoes in most cases. Don’t forget to dab a small amount around your ears, nostrils and eyes to deter flies from landing on your face.


Remember, you are staying in their backyard.


Original story – Without A Hitch