Tips For Fishing With Kids

A caravan and camping holiday is a great time to take the kids fishing.

Fishing requires concentration and commitment, not every child’s strong point so here’s a few tips to make It an enjoyable experience for all.


Let them have their own gear

Providing each child with their own fishing rod will allow them to be interested and excited with anticipation of catching a fish. Make sure the fishing rod suits them for size and weight. Look for affordable and lightweight rods and there are now a range of fun colours available. Consider purchasing a few colourful flies to compliment the rod.


Take is Slow and Be Patient

If you are introducing fishing to your kids for the first time, it is important to be slow, making it fun and giving them as much freedom as possible. There are going to be frustrations but be patient and don’t expect too much focus initially. Take the opportunity to make is a bonding experience and remind them it is not all about catching a fish.


Make it a Fishing Holiday

Include fishing in your next caravan or camping holiday where exploring the area will add the memorable experience.


Well-Stocked Location

Choosing a location that is well-stocked will help to minimize the chances of disappointment. As they’re new to fishing they will expect to catch a fish. It will also make it easier to encourage the for the next fishing adventure.


Social Connection

Fishing is a great social activity encouraging friendships based on mutual interest.


Keep them Engaged

Consider making it a simple and fun competition such as who catches the first fish, largest fish and the amount of fish. You can offer a reward or just add to the family memories.


Expect Boredom

Kids can get bored easily so let them do what they want to do. It is more important that they want to come back next time.


Keep Comfortable

Hungry and cold kids will always get grumpy so take plenty of snacks and warm clothes.


Land vs Water

Starting on land whether it be a wharf or the edge of a lake or river will allow the kids to move if they get restless. Boats require kids to remain in the same spot and have less distractions to keep them entertained.