Three Rules To Remember While Refuelling

It’s a common task, filling up your car at a service station and most of us are not aware that at times refuelling can cause major mechanical problems.

  1. Keep your receipts

Water in the  tank is one of the most common problems and it is recommended when this is discovered, if possible and you can prove it came from the establishment, you should go back the supplier to tell them in order to allow you to claim the damage on insurance.


  1. Don’t go into a service station if there is a fuel tanker parked there

It’s not because of the tanker itself, but service stations have water at the bottom of it’s underground tanks and even though oil and petrol are lighter than water and sit on top, when a tanker is refilling the storage tanks it often stirs up the water and it can be drawn in by the pumps while a motorist is refuelling.


  1. Never put petrol into a diesel-powered vehicle and then try to drive it

If you have realised what you have done – don’t start the car. Just turning on the engine can draw fuel into the system. The damage       done by petrol is fast and severe. Some insurance companies are now not paying out claims over wrong use fuel use, saying its dur to       negligence not an accident.


Original story NRMA Open Road