Stretching Exercises Before Hiking

Stretching Exercises Before Hiking

Adopting a stretching exercise routine before hiking can play an important role in increasing motion and flexibility for different body muscles.Apart from flexibility, the main benefits of stretching:

  • Prevents injuries
  • Improves posture and performance
  • Boost circulation of blood and oxygen flow to your muscles
  • Keeps soreness at bay
  • Reduces stress

According to My Health Team’s article ‘Stretching Guide for Hiking and Backpacking’, below are some types of stretches you could do as a 5-10 minute warm-up before hiking.

Static Stretches

Static stretches involve holding muscles in an extended position for long periods. These include:

  • Neck Stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Quadriceps stretch
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Posterior Shoulder Stretch
  • Standing Back Extension Stretch
  • Standing Back Flexion Stretch
  • Gluteal Stretch
  • Calf Stretch
  • Touching Toes

Dynamic stretches

Dynamic stretches occur when your body moves in a full range of motion. These include:

  • Lunges
  • Arm Swings
  • Leg Swings Forward and Back
  • Back Rotation Stretch
  • Repeated Cervical Rotation
  • Shoulder Rotations

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