Storing your RV

Storing your RV

Buying a RV can be a significant investment and storing your RV correctly can preserve it for longer.

Here are some tips to consider:

A Place to Store

  • Holiday / Caravan Parks
    Some Holiday / Caravan Parks have dedicated undercover storage facilities with gated security. Find a NSW Holiday Park here   
  • Land Lease Communities
    Some Land Lease Communities have on-site RV storage areas with gated security. Find a NSW Land Lease Community here
  • At Home or Friends Place
    Make sure to place your RV in a resting spot that is undercover where there are no overhanging tree branches, tall grass or weed as you might discover insects and spiders inhabiting your RV. 
  • Storage Yards
    There are storage businesses that provide secure areas for Recreational Vehicles.

Cover Up

RV Covers come in many shapes and sizes that can slip-on over almost any type of RV. Parts of your RV are made up of fiberglass, vinyl, plastic and rubber materials. If your RV is unsheltered or left constantly outside, it is likely prone to sun damage, rain, hail or storm that could ruin your RV.

Allow Air Ventilation and Natural Light

Allowing light and air ventilation helps avoid damp smells and mould build up that is caused by excess moisture being trapped in a confined dark space over time.

  • Turn off your fridge and freezer and keep the door open to enable the circulation of air.
  • Pop open the roof top vents for fresh air
  • Tuck aside the curtains on the window to allow natural light passage

Naughty critters and pests

If there are food scraps lingering around, little critters and pests could have a temptation to crawl into your RV and make nests out of it. Make sure to remove everything out of the pantry – even a piece of chip on the floor is an attracting food source.

You might not expect the naughty critters and pests to make a home through different external access points of your RV such as plumbing vents, air intake piping and furnace exhaust. Using spray foam or steel wool to seal off the external access points before storing your RV.

Wash and Wax your RV

Dirt and grime on the surface of your RV can leave unwanted marks or scratches on the shiny paint job. A good wash and wax to your RV’s exterior preserves the paint surface much longer and prevents sun damage.

Disconnect Power Sources

A dead flat battery is the last unwanted thing to worry about when starting your anticipated caravan and camping trip. Use the Battery Connect Switch to disconnect all electrical power between your batteries and RV – even switching off appliances would help too.

Before placing your RV batteries into storage, make sure to have them fully charged via the wall socket so that you are ready-to-go for your next trip.

Drain Water Systems

Removing water residue from your RV plumbing system can help prevent cracks and leaks in the pipes and hoses. There’s a chance of a water freeze disaster happening if you live in an area where the cold winters occur.

When are you ready to go on the road again?

Make sure to check your tyres, battery power and get a service before you hit the road again. Find a NSW RV Service and Repairer here

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