Road Trip Reality

How To Make Your Dream Road Trip A Reality

Are you dreaming of a caravan or camping road trip holiday?  Well now you can make it a reality by following these easy steps.

  1. Plan an Itinerary

An itinerary is a plan of places and things to visit including what, where and when. After deciding on the route, make a list of places you will stay and then research each place and make a list of where you want to stay, to see and to do.

Next allocate a time for each place and the opportunity to include diversion trips to visit those attractions not to be missed.

Don’t forget to include rest days where you take time to relax.


  1. Do a Budget

Expenses on a road trip are variable so do a realistic budget as much as possible. Fuel is the largest expense, so work out your cost by calculating the journeys distance and your vehicles average fuel consumption.

Accommodation, food and activities are varied so the best way to set a budget is to divide your allocated holiday budget with the amount of days you are away. This will give you your daily average spend.


  1. Make necessary Bookings

It is always recommended to book at least prior to arriving to the destination and especially during those busy times such as school holidays, public holidays and summer months.

If no bookings are secured always be prepared to adjust your itinerary in the event you must go somewhere else.


  1. Be Orgnanised

As soon as you finalise your plans start to get organised by making a Packing List and a To Do List. The more organised you are prior to departure means less stress and he need to buy those additional items while on the road.