Rainy Holiday Ideas

Essential tips for entertaining kids when on rainy holidays

Rain does happen when on holidays but it doesn’t have to dampen your fun when on holidays.

Holidaying when it’s raining can be a challenge while in the great outdoors as being denied access to the activities outside can cause frustrations and unhappiness.

However, this can be managed using these ideas:


  1. Explore indoor attractions

Check out what indoor attractions are around the destination.

Wander through a local museum or gallery or visit an aquarium, or indoor play area. Head underground to explore caves, bathe in hot springs, visit a chocolate factory, or check out a show at the local theatre.

  1. Explore between showers

Look at the weather forecast and if light or a few showers are predicted – use the time when it is not raining to uncover your surrounds. Discover the great outdoors when its wet such as the trees and plants and running waterways.

  1. Make the most of the situation

Be prepared and make the rain an experience. Put on raincoats, gumboots, and arm yourself with an umbrella, and set off on an adventure that will entertain kids in wet weather.

  1. Make your own fun

Create family time with board games or card games and it’s also a good time to bake.