Planning your Mobile Pantry

Knowing the right ingredients to pack in your RV pantry can make your holiday time simpler when it comes to preparing meals. Not having to waste time, searching, and forgetting the essential ingredients. That’s why – it is important to plan the perfect mobile pantry.

Space-saving Solutions
Without having to make room for large bottles and jars, you can use:

  • Rectangular Containers
    Rectangular containers are handy as they can stack up when there is limited space in the pantry. It helps eliminate bulky food packaging and store the food quantities you only need for travel. With rectangular containers, you can decant pasta and flour into them. You can also pack stock powder, sugar, dishwashing liquids, and other special ingredients.
  • Resealable Freezer Bags
    Resealable Freezer Bags are super versatile and lightweight, not only for storing marinated meats, but also from storing power snacks on the move to muesli mixtures for breakfast.

Spice Combos
Whether it is dried parsley, paprika or cumin, herbs and spices are essential to cooking your favourite camping meals. You can get small spice boxes from supermarkets that provide little portions of everything.

Pour condiments such as tomato, barbecue, mustard or relish sauces into mini squeeze bottles. You would most likely need these for BBQ meats or preparing sandwiches.

Plan your ingredients and supplies that are convenient for having multiple uses for recipes in your camp kitchen.

Some examples:

Freeze Drinking Bottles
Freeze drinking bottles containing water or juice – not only handy for drinking while defrosting in the cooler but also for preserving any food stored alongside them. Even bringing along canned soft drinks or alcohol are great thirst quenchers.