Personal Décor On The Road

When on the road it is always nice to make your surroundings your own.

These easy decorating ideas will inspire you to showcase your style and flair and spruce up your caravan, motorhome, campsite or cabin.


Air plants

Air plants are the perfect to add greenery – they are low maintenance as they don’t grow in dirt so no mess and just need a little spray of water and sunlight. They look great in wall displays or glass globe hangers.


Make your own bunting and add colour to your campsite or caravan awning. Using fabric, cut into triangles and glue or stich to a length of cord.


A range of sixes, patterns and colours can be scattered around your environment. Use on seats, lounges, beds and a great addition on the ground with the throw rug as a picnic sert up.

Name plaque

These can either be a family name or a fun short quote. Make your own or have one professionally made but ensure you choose weather proof materials so you can hang it with pride in any conditions.

Solar lights

Solar lights or lanterns are easy to install and an affordable way to create an enchanting night time environment and are perfect for camping as you don’t need access to electricity.

Throw Rugs

Add a splash of colour and use over seating and tables.

Welcome Mat

Place a fun matt either patterned or a message at the entrance of your area to make it feel more homely and welcoming. Also a gre3at way to reduce dirt into the caravan or tent.

Wind chime

These can be relaxing, listening to the gentle tinkle of wind chimes blowing in the breeze. Hang them outside your caravan or even from a nearby tree branch. Just ensure that the chime does not annoy other campers and keep in mind the size and sound It produces.