Nine Myths of Camping

Camping myth busters……..

Myth – You Need A Lot Of Gear To Go Camping

Less is more and it does not need to be complicated.

There are two specific items you will need – a tent and a mattress. Other items you will already have at home such as bedding, towels, kitchen gear, cloths, food and a torch. Dependent on where you will go must camping grounds and holiday parks already have picnic tables, chairs and BBQs.


Myth – You Need To Travel Hours

In most areas there are plenty of National Parks with designated camping areas and an abundance of Holiday Parks that offer campsites close to home therefore you do not need to travel far.


Myth – It’s Expensive

Camping is only as expensive as you want it to be. Start as cheap as possible, only investing in the tent and mattress as most items you an source from home.


Myth – You Can Only Go Camping With A 4wd

There are planet of Holiday Park locations around NSW that are accessible with a 2WD vehicle.


Myth – Food Is Limited

Food is only limited to your imagination and your time. Surf the web and check out all the great camping recipes that can be cooked on an open fire.


Myth – Holiday Parks Are Crowded And Not Really Camping

Holiday Parks offer a camping experience within themselves. Dependent on what you are after you can set up camp beside a river, beach or bushland offering that getting back to nature feel.

Of course there are certain times of the year when they are at their busiest such as school holidays and Christmas but check the size of the park and book what suits you.


Myth – There Are No Toilets

All Holiday Parks offer toilet and bathroom facilities and generally National Park campsite have toilets and sometimes showers available. Do your research.


Myth – It Depends On The Weather

Camping is for all seasons and generally the weather conditions like if it rains, adds to the experience. If it becomes too bad  – pack up and head home.


Myth – You Need To Be An Experienced Camper

When camping in an established campsite like a Holiday Park you don’t need experience – just a little common sense and keep it simple.