Measuring Caravan Ball Weight

Ball weight scales are the quickest, easiest and quite an affordable way to measure the ball weight of your caravan.

To use a portable ball weight scale, you will need to have a level surface to park your van on. Ideally, it will be smooth concrete, bitumen or brickwork. If the surface is not level  then you’ll need a piece of thick  timber to support the scale.

Make sure the van’s park brake is on and that wheels are chocked. With the timber in place under the coupling and the scales sitting on it, simply raise the caravan on the jockey wheel until you estimate that the piece of timber and scales will be able to slide under. Then check that the scales are level on the ground (or timber) so that when you raise the van the scales do not fall over.

Then lower the van onto the scales with the jockey wheel, until the jockey wheel is raised clear of the ground. Do not take the jockey wheel off the van or swivel it up – if the scales do tip over, you’ll want the jockey wheel there to prevent the van from landing on its A-frame.

A number of portable ball weight scales on the market do not have a wide base, so it is important to be careful. If the van is not on level ground, these scales could tip over.

The bonus is, of course, instant ball weight measurement, relatively fuss-free.

Image: Without A Hitch