Make Your Work Trip An Adventure

There a lot of workers who travel NSW and stay at Holiday Parks and here are tips to ensure your work trip becomes and adventure.

Take a real coffee break.

Visit a café and experience the local hospitality and taste the local pastries.

Plan a meeting with an attraction

Use business meetings to your advantage and meet at the local attraction café or restaurant. That way you can experience a new place outside of a generic conference room and possibly make time to check out the display. Another bonus is that you are giving back to the community.


No need for a gym, it is as easy as going for a walk around the area and combining sightseeing with exercise! An early morning stroll or evening vigorous walk can expose you the great sunrises and sunsets and a great mood booster. Some Holiday Parks offer bikes for hire.

Eat Local

Each area has their staple fruit and vegetables so why not try the local produce or visit a winery.

Go out at night

Discover a cool pub or restaurant and talk to people who live in this place.

Take A Personal Day

If you really love a place or need some down time add a personal day to the end of your trip and explore an discover the place at your own pace.


Image Courtesy of Discovery Parks