Levelling your RV

Levelling Your RV - Caravan Camping NSW

Every RV owner should know that levelling your RV is an important first step when setting up your campsite.

If your RV is stationary at an angle or unlevelled, the following risks can occur:

  • Loose items rolling off benches.
  • RV fridge not operating properly or may stop prematurely.
    This occurs because the refrigerant (i.e. propane or ammonia) will not circulate properly within the fridge. In fact, an RV fridge does not pump coolant like a standard electric fridge at home. It relies on gravity to move the propane or ammonia which is used to cool the appliance.
  • Shower and sink not draining properly.
  • Plumbing problems leading to inefficient water flow.

Handy Tools to Level your RV

 Using Camec’s Two-Way Level and Wheel Level and Chock

Camec’s Two-Way Level has both horizontal and vertical indicators that can be mounted onto the RV drawbar.

Watch the video on ‘how to use’.

Using SavvyLevel

SavvyLevel is a high precision remote integrated inclination and voltage reporting system tool that can be used for caravans, campers, motor homes and 4WD’s.  The system comprises of an external mount hardware device kit and a smartphone/tablet application that communicates diagrammatically the level of your RV in mm, inches or degrees from the comfort of the tow vehicle . SavvyLevel also has an optional handy voltage indicator to show the RV battery charge at any time.

Watch the videos below on ‘how to use’ or read more on the SavvyLevel website.