Improve your Writing Skills

Writing down your thoughts on paper or a smart device is a visual way to filter, remember and articulate your big ideas. At times, we forget the art of writing and become too attached to casual browsing on our smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

It is not limited to scribbling on paper, but also laying out your thoughts in drawings or diagrams that can be seen in a more abstract meaningful way.

You can try to improve your writing skills in the following ways:

Paperback Travel Journal

Writing a reflective travel journal can help you highlight the important learning events that have happened in your journey. It is like keeping a record of your caravan and camping stories, dream destinations visited, itineraries, people you have met, quotes, inspirations, and goals.

To add on top, you could slip in tickets, coins or photographs as small souvenirs from your travels. Polaroid photographs are a quick way to capture moments, printing them out of an instant camera and glue them into your journal.

Online Travel Blog

Similar to Paperback Travel Journals, blogging your own travel stories and lessons helps you document them on an online platform such as your website. Then you can easily share this on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler etc).

Start a Book

If you have found a source of inspiration or have a subject matter important to you, start writing a book. It’s a new challenge you could accomplish, reignite a passion, make money, OR go through self-discovery.

Nowadays, you can self-publish your own book via Amazon self-publishing where you can upload and sell your book to an established network of readers.

Sign up for an Online Writing Course

You might not know how to express your thoughts at first. Signing up for an online writing course can help you jumpstart, upskill or simply brush up on literacy.

There are many online creative writing courses (from blogging to copy-editing) where you can take up at the comfort in your RV. All you need is to equip yourself with a laptop, paper and pen, stable internet connection and setting your own commitment level.

Here are some creative writing courses by reputable providers: Udemy or Tafe NSW

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