Hitching The Van

Now you have planned your next adventure, its ready to get your car and van road worthy.

Check your cars vitals: –

Have your car serviced before you go.

  1. Check tyre pressure – refer to the cars placard or manual to get the correct tyre pressure and ensure all tyres are correct, including the spare.

Tip: Inflate tyres to the maximum loaded recommended if you are going to carry a full component of passengers and luggage.

  1. Check tyre changing kit – make sure all parts are present.
  2. Check tyre treads – if the tyre tread depth are close to their limits it is strongly recommended that they be replaced.
  3. Check your oil, water & brake fluid – if you have needed to top up any of the fluids regularly it is advisable to get them checked.
  4. Clean your windscreen – inside and out and check the washer fluid liquid.
  5. Check the lights – including breaks, blinkers, headlamps and high beam.
  6. Road side assist – make sure you are a member and you are covered for the duration of your trip.

Check your caravans vitals: –

If your caravan has been in storage is will need a good clean. For the exterior, grab a hose, a soft broom and mild detergent. Once dry open the windows and doors and let fresh air through while you wipe down the surfaces inside.

  1. Check wheels – make sure the tyres are pumped up and the wheel hubs and bearings are well greased.
  2. Check the coupling, safety chains, jockey wheel – make sure they are in working condition and grease where necessary.
  3. Test the brakes – if you have an electric brake controller, make sure this is checked also.
  4. Check electricity – connect and check that it is working including all PowerPoints and lights.
  5. Refill gas tanks – test outlets and appliances – if in doubt have them serviced by a professional.
  6. Clean water tanks – closer to your departure date, flush out the tanks and then run sterilising agent through them and flush. Drain and refill with fresh water.
  7. Reassess and restock – consider what is essential to take.


Here are some additional checklist to ensure you have a great holiday:

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