Getting Ready for Bed

Being prepared and getting your campsite organised before it gets dark will add to your camping experience

and make it more enjoyable allowing you to relax into the evening. Here are a few tips:

If you have not already, choose your tent site and pitch your tent on a flat, cleared surface. Here is more information and tips on how to pitch your tent.



Set up your bedding including inflating mattresses and rolling out the sleeping bag. Make sure your tent is kept closed i.e. zipped up to ensure no un-welcomed visitors enter your bed before you do!


Camp sites become very dark so keep lighting handy. Options could be to wear a headlamp, carry a torch or flashlight, hang a small LED lantern inside your tent.

Food Storage

Store all food securely, if possible outside of your tent. Take care not to leave food or trash exposed – this will encourage unwanted creatures.


To reduce the need to go to the toilet during the evening go twice before going to bed. It has been recommended going 20–30 minutes before bed and then again immediately before getting into your sleeping bag.

Just in case, you need to go during the night, place a pair of shoes near the entrance to your tent. Also place a torch or headlamp inside the tent where you can find it in the dark.


If you need water during the night, keep a water bottle next to your sleeping bag.


Change into clean comfortable sleep wear. Do not overdress, instead drape a jacket or blanket over the top of the bag for an extra layer of insulation.


If you do not welcome the early morning sunrise or can relax listening to outdoor sounds, wear an eye mask and earplugs. These should be placed easily to be found when your set up your bedding.