Five Unique Reversing Tips

Easy Reversing Solutions

In general reversing is the hardest part of towing so improve your tow vehicle reversing skills with these five tips.

  1. Use mirrors and don’t look back

So not to get disorientated when reversing forget about looking over your shoulder and just stick to your side mirrors. This will allow you to see one perspective.

You will find it easier to follow the direction of the tow vehicle and correct i.e. if the tow vehicle is going too far to your right mirror, then bring the right side of the steering wheel down and vice versa for the left.

  1. Don’t be afraid to look like a novice

Take your time, don’t get flustered and take as many times as you need to get it right. Forget about the surrounding judgement as most have been there before and no one will care later when you have your feet up relaxing.

  1. Go shopping for practice

Don’t wait until you get to your destination and test your new reversing skills in front of the whole caravan park, make sure you practise before you hit the road.

Head to an empty carpark in a shopping centre or sports oval and practice, practise, practise. It will allow you to get confident for the actual event.

  1. When in doubt, go right

If you are not able to reverse in a straight line try and make sure you reverse to the right. This will allow you to see the rear of the tow vehicle and give you a clear view in both mirrors of the space being reversed into, making it a lot more easier.

  1. Steering wheel direction

In general, the tow vehicle will move in the opposite direction to the steering wheel. So if you’re turning the wheel to the right, the tow vehicle will go to the left. Turning the wheel to the left, the tow vehicle will go right.