First Aid Fact – Heat Exhaustion

How to Treat Heat Exhaustion

During summer it is common to suffer from heat exhaustion so be aware of the following.


  • feeling hot, exhausted, weak and fatigued
  • persistent headache
  • thirst and nausea
  • giddiness and faintness
  • rapid breathing and shortness of breath
  • pale, cool, clammy skin and rapid, weak pulse


If these symptoms are experienced here is what to do:

  1. Move the patient to lie down in a cool place with circulating air.
  2. Loosen tight clothing and/or remove unnecessary garments.
  3. Sponge the patient with cool water.
  4. Give the conscious patient fluids to drink.
  5. Seek medical attention if the patient vomits or does not recover quickly.


Stay Safe this Summer.