Cooking Over An Open Fire

Here a simple tips for cooking over an open fire.

  • Firstly, understand you will be cooking in the coals not the open flames.
  • Use dry wood or charcoal rocks to make your coals. Making sure you have spare to add to the fire as needed.
  • Start the fire at least one hour prior to cooking.
  • Let it burn down to a point where you have a lot of hot coals as the heat you need comes from the coals not the flames.
  • It is better to have a slower, consistent heat – not too hot.
  • Keep coals circulating to maintain a consistent level of heat.
  • Don’t use good cooking gear. Inexpensive cooking gear is great for campfires.
  • Where possible use a designated fire pit.
  • Remember cooking on a campfire usually takes longer than cooking at home.
  • Most importantly, remember to ensure the campfire is out before leaving.