Campfire Cuisine Tips

Campfire cooking can be easy and it does not have to involve that can of baked beans.

Here are few tips to make it easy when cooking in the great outdoors.


Start with the basic equipment:

Esky, saucepan, frying pan, sharp knife, wooden spoon, chopping board, can opener and resealable bags.


Pack the Pantry:

One again pack the basics such as olive oil, salt, pepper and spices. Dependent on your menu planning you could consider garlic, chilli, ginger, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

Reduce bulky packaging by measuring dry ingredients and pack in small resealable bags. Don’t forget to label the bags!

For fresh herbs, wrap in a damp paper towel and store on the esky.


Think smart and simple:

Consider multiple food items such as wraps that can be used for lunch and then bread to mop up that sauce at dinner. Lettuce leaves as bowls and short pasta is quick to cook and light to carry. Pack chorizo as it keeps well and is a great addition to a meal or by itself.

Essential to most campsites is an alcoholic beverage. Add a splash of beer or wine to add to the flavor.


Plan Ahead:

Pre-marinate your meat and cook stews and curry’s that can be frozen and just need heating up. The frozen meals stored in resealable bags can also be used as ice blocks in the esky!

Pre chop any items such as carrots and meats and pre pack into bags.


Local Produce:

Pick up your food supplies along the way at road side stalls, or local establishments such as wineries.