Budget Road Trip Tips

Make the most of your travels with these road trip tips.



  • List the destinations & places you want to visit.
  • Plan your itinerary/route based on the above making sure you limit back tracking.
  • Identify the ideal season to visit the destination – consider park and road closures.
  • Check out dates of festivals and events in the area to add to your experience.



Connect to Free Pubic WiFi

Majority of fast food outlets and shopping centres offer this service as do several holiday parks.

Sleep & Save

Become a member of large holiday park chains.

Use your cards

Membership, Senior and Pensioner cards can often provide discounts so don’t be afraid to ask.

Stop, Revive & Survive

Don’t drive for hours without having a break. During peak travel seasons such as school holidays Stop, Revive and Survive road side stops offer free coffee for drivers.


  • Look for free tours. National Parks & Wildlife often offer free ranger tours.
  • Community events are also a great way to meet locals and experience the culture.
  • Coastal or bush walks are a great way to see the landscape. Be safe and stick to the designated tracks.
  • Big cinema chains offer cheaper movie tickets on ‘cheap Tuesdays’.

 Cheap Eats

  • Several cafes and restaurants have mid-week savings so keep an eye out whilst traveling. Road side stalls and markets are a cheap way to stock up on fresh produce.
  • Lunch meals are generally cheaper then dinner meals so consider eating out a lunch.
  • RSL’s generally offer cheaper meals and drink so check out this local venue.

Free Water Refills

Consider refilling a water bottle at a public bubbler (water fountain). Beware; do not drink from any taps marked as ‘bore water’ as it’s not safe for consumption.

Save Fuel

Travel at a slower speed will consume less fuel – e.g. travel at 90klm/h rather than 110km/h.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are known to be the cheapest days to purchase fuel


  • Avoid speeding tickets. Most speed cameras are very clearly marked but stick to the speed limit to ensure you are safe.
  • Watch out for School Zone speed limitsand school is on, the speed limit will change to a lower limit in the morning and afternoon when school kids are coming and going.
  • Prevent other fines by always wearing a seat belt and not using your mobile devices whilst driving.
  • Keep the dockets (receipts) from outlets such as Coles and Woolworths, and look for the fuel coupons as they will save you cents per litre.