Benefits Of A Motorhome Holiday

A Motorhome holiday is a great way to travel. Here are a few points as to why.


  • Sense of freedom – you can go wherever you want, whenever you want.


  • Itinerary and travel route can be flexible. If you want to stay longer you can.


  • Wake up to a range of various sceneries – beach one day and bush the next.


  • You have all of your home comforts on the road wherever you are including a bed, sofa, kitchen, bathroom and more.


  • No limit to luggage as you have space.


  • Flexible check in and check out times.


  • No pre bookings required as you will always have a bed (however we do advise that you make a reservation at the Holiday Park especially during peak seasons).


  • No transport arrangements need to be amended if you decide to change your travel plans.


  • Eat in or dine out. You can cook a selection of great meals and save money. You also have the option of inside or outside dining.


  • Facilities such as an on board toilet and shower alleviates the need to search for a toilet.


  • Majority of Motorhomes only require a regular license (if weighing under 4.5 tonnes).


  • The initial outlay may seem like a big investment but will give you the ability to travel as you want and as often as you want, generally with limited costs.