Beach Tips & Tricks

Sun, sand, swimming & snoozing

Here are tips and tricks to make your beach experience enjoyable and hassle free.

  1. Mobile phone – Protect it from sand and water by putting it in a ziplock bag. You can still use it through the plastic!
  2. Baby Powder – bring baby powder to the beach and sprinkle on your skin to help remove the sand.
  3. Ice Pack – a frozen, saturated sponge in a ziplock bag won’t melt all over everything. 
  4. Sun Screen – slip, slop, slap before you hit the beach and apply regularly throughout the day.
  5. Sunglasses & hat – protect your eyes and head from the sun.
  6. Thongs or sandals – place them face down that way you won’t burn your feet when you put them back on at the end of the day.
  7. Picnic Blanket – use a picnic blanket instead of a towel to sit on as the backing will stop moisture from the sand spraying through and its easy to pick up at the end of the day – no sand spray!
  8. Kiddies Inflatable Pool – keep the little ones safe by filling with water and fill with toys.
  9. Cupcake holders – no one likes sticky hands when eating an ice block so slide a paper cupcake holder onto the paddle pop stick to catch the drips.
  10. Add pockets to your towel – to keep your belongings together and easy to find.
  11. Finger Food – take snacks in separate sealed containers already prepared and use toothpicks or plastic fork
  12. Tennis Balls – great for beach bowls and entertaining. Dig a medium size whole in the sand with the aim to bowl the tennis balls into the hole.