7 Reasons to Buy a Camper Trailer

Camper Trailers are becoming increasingly popular. They are perfect for young families, couples or active retirees seeking adventure.

So why buy a Camper Trailer? Here are 7 reasons to help you make that decision.

  1. Variety

Camper Trailers come in various formats dependent on your needs.  There are off-road and on-road varieties, hard or soft floors, simple living quarters with extended kitchen and dining facilities.


  1. Affordable

Prices generally start at a few thousand dollars and If you compare the price to a caravan, the camper trailer is the cheaper option of the two and is a more economical and practical way to travel.


  1. Compact

They are small and compact yet open or fold out to create a comfy camping space, as well as allow for the addition of several creature comforts such as built in kitchens, storage, and beds.


  1. Easy to tow

Generally light weight they are easier to tow and maneuver and suit most vehicles which means you may not need to upgrade your vehicle to be able to pull this extra weight.


  1. Comfortable

Basic features such as bedding, flooring and a kitchen provides comfort and is better suited to wet weather conditions. You can still maintain that camping experience in the great outdoors.


  1. Easy to set up

Due to their light weight and compact features, camper trailers are quick and easy to set up and dismantle so you will be sitting back at your campsite in no time.


  1. Easy to store

When not in use they can be easily stored due to thier compact build. Just make sure after each trip it is clean and dry onside and out.


Things to Consider

Before you make your purchase, take time to answer these questions and talk to an expert.

  • How any people does it need to accommodate?
  • Would you like a soft or hard floor?
  • What features do you require? Kitchen facilities, fridge, power etc.
  • Do you require an additional living space such as an awning?
  • Where will you be travelling – Do you want to go off road with it?
  • How often do you intend to set up and pull down per trip?


Image: Cub Campers