5 Secrets for a Happy Retirement on the Road

Even when financially prepared for retirement, many people are unprepared for the psychological and social changes that occur. Caravanning or travelling is one way many people are choosing to enjoy their retirement days.

Here are some tips for retaining a sense of purpose and pleasure in life after work.


  1. Make a bucket list

This helps to give you a sense of purpose and a reason to get up every morning. It is never too late to start a bucket list so start your list of all the places you’d like to see and the things you’d like to experience.


  1. Use your money wisely

If you plan to go caravanning, make sure you choose options that are within your means and will allow you to be financially comfortable. If a brand new big rig is out of your reach, buy second hand, rent or stay in cabins that are available in caravan holiday parks.


  1. Keep your mind fit

Just because you have stopped working, doesn’t mean you need to stop learning. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for problem solving, learning about a place including its history and trying new things.


  1. Keep your body fit

The simplest activity to keep healthy is taking a daily walk. A 30-40min walk in the fresh air keeps the body parts moving, clears the head and can prevent dementia. As you travel, exploring local walks and attractions on foot is a pleasurable way to sightsee. You can also add variety by doing other physical activities like playing tennis, bowls, golf and swimming.


  1. Have fun

Your social health is as vital as your physical and mental health. When meeting new people we are much less likely to get depressed and life in retirement becomes something to enjoy, so make sure you join in on those infamous happy hour drinks at the camp site.


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