5 Hygiene Hacks to Keep Your RV Clean

Your RV can be exposed to all sorts of dirt, grime and dust while travelling on the road. 

Here are the 5 hygiene hacks to keeping your RV clean:

Portable Handheld Vacuum

It is worthwhile to invest in a quality handheld vacuum to suck up dust, dry spills and debris (e.g. food scraps) located in hard-to-reach areas. With it’s cordless convenience, it enables you to manoeuvre around within the confined rooms of your RV.

Prevent Mold

Mold build up is a result of moisture trapped in a dark space over time. Make sure to remove any leftover food from the fridge and empty out the pantry.

Wipe down the wall and bench surfaces with a multi-purpose cleaner spray to ensure an effective disinfecting process of killing bacteria and viruses.

Leave the windows and roof top (if any) open for air ventilation to circulate within the RV. You can dry up the hard surfaces with a cloth/towel.

Mattress and Linens

Encase your mattress with a quality mattress protector that helps to repel liquids, allergens and irritants such as bed bugs and dust mites from taking up residence. Double up layers of fresh linen over your mattress. If you tend to have a bedwetter person travelling onboard, slip a waterproof pad in between the layered linens.

Wash your RV Exteriors

Apart from the traditional washing and polishing the exterior walls of your RV, there are extra details to pay close attention to:

  • Windows
    The windows can be clouded with dirt and grime. Make sure to clearly wipe the inside and outside of your windows with ‘window cleaner sprays’ that are specifically formulated for the job.
  • Door and window seals
    Dirt can get trapped in between the rubber seals. You can wipe with a cloth and dishwashing detergent which are not harsh to rubber surfaces.
  • Tires
    Rinse the tires with a natural brush and tire cleaner and finish off with a tire shine spray. If your RV tires are huge, it would be more convenient to take your RV to an automated carwash place near you.

Dump the Water Tanks

Remove the water residue remaining in your water tanks. If left over a period of time, this could leave unpleasant odours in your RV. Store a lengthy hose, pair of rubber gloves and bucket ready which can come in handy for the next round of cleaning after a holiday trip.