What Type Of Camper Are You?

There is generally one thing that all campers have in common is the love for the great outdoors but how we do camping can often varying.

It takes all kinds to make the world go around as the saying goes and similar can be said for camping. Here is a list to describe a range of campers – which one are you? 

The Glamper

Rarely ventures far from the perfect layout of comfy chairs and coloured décor – wine in hand of course.

The Camp Chef

Majority of the time they are cooking over the open fire and getting creative to create the perfect camp meal.

The Retired RVers

They are often locate don the perfect spot, set up is simple with camp chairs and the kettle on. As they are time rich they generally stay in one location for several days.

The Boy Scout

Once a boy scout, always a boy scout, and with the motto of “Be Prepared” they generally are prepared for anything with military precision and planning with a backpack full of gadgets. They generally have a range of skills such as know tying and are full of knowledge.

The Caveman

As long as there is food on the fire, preferably meat and an esky full of cold beer, they are generally happy campers.

The Backpacker

Hardy, transient and minimalistic campers who are prepared for most things with limited effort but have a ton of energy and enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

The Strummer

Has a never-ending list of campfire sing a longs that are sung at any time of the day or night with or without you.

The Reluctant Camper

Appears to never be happy and always has something to complain about. They have generally been dragged out into the great outdoors by their overly enthusiastic partner or family member.

The Happy Family

Always takes on any outdoor activity or chore with team effort and smile on their faces.

The Camp Organiser

Organised and full of energy to motivate even the most reluctant campers. Every moment has a schedule and can become annoying.

The Party Pooper

Makes the rules and controls the fun.