What is Glamping?

It’s Friday afternoon and it’s time to break free from your normal routine, hit the road and head to your pre-booked destination holiday park.

When you arrive you head to a spacious, clean, flat, warm, well-lit, comfortable tent with a bed, ensuite facilities and one of the best location in the park. That, my friends is glamping.

Glamping, in its basic form, is the fusion of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. It’s a camping experience that allows you to experience a camping holiday without missing life’s little luxuries and all the hard work but with the same wide open sky, great outdoors, and beautifully fresh air that draws many of us to camping in the first place.

It’s sleeping in comfort on a proper bed, raised off the floor, that you didn’t have to set up yourself; it’s lounging back in a deck chair on a solid floor, out of the mud and the dirt; it’s enjoying a food from a crackling fire that you didn’t have to build; and it’s leaving all the setting up and packing up to someone else so you can spend 100 per cent of your valuable time just enjoying yourself.

It’s true that many ‘real’ campers sometimes turn their noses up at the sudden upsurge of glampers. “Why bother going camping if you’re not going to do it ‘properly’?” And “it’s not ‘camping’ unless you’re roughing it” are common refrains. However, the reality is that, for many, glamping is a great way to ease into the camping lifestyle and get all the benefits without too much effort or investment.


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Image: Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park