Smarttek Pty Ltd

3 Gdt Seccombe Close , Coffs Harbour, New South Wales 2450

Smarttek is a manufacturer of portable hot water systems that can instantly produce hot water no matter where you are.

Smarttek products are perfect for Pet Wash, Dog Wash, Horse wash, Pet shower, Dog shower, Horse shower, Mobile dog wash, Hydrobath, Portable camping shower, Portable caravan shower, Portable, Hot Water camping, Hot Water caravan, Hot Water, Shower camping, Shower caravan, Shower, System camping, System caravan, System, Gas camping, Gas caravan, Gas, Water Heater camping, Water Heater caravan, Water Heater, Portable Gas Hot Water Heater, Portable Gas Hot Shower.

Products are available through online shops and retail outlets.

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  • 2017 CCIA/MHIA/LLLIA Awards of Excellence
  • 2018 CCIA/MHIA/LLLIA Awards of Excellence
  • 2019 CCIA/MHIA/LLLIA Awards of Excellence