25 Old Pacific Highway, Yatala, Queensland 4207

HARDKORR Lighting is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of LED lighting in the retail lighting Industry.  With over 3 decades of lighting experience, the HARDKORR brand is Australia’s market leader in LED.

HARDKORR prides itself on delivering the highest quality LED products for the Boating, RV and Camping markets and customer service is paramount. All HARDKORR products are designed and manufactured with the consumer in mind ensuring KORRs guarantee of quality and product guarantee.

New products are frequently released after thorough market research and field testing has been completed.  HARDKORRs focus is for their client to be completely satisfied with their purchase.

HARDKORR now sells to over 500+ stores in Australia, including all “Autobarn / Autopro / TJM stores” Australia wide. Their product range services the needs of the Camping, 4X4 and Marine markets.

LED technology is always advancing and KORR is constantly developing and improving their products and if you have a unique issue HARDKORR can develop and deliver a custom solution to suit your specific requirements.

We hope you can take the time to look at the HARDKORR product range as we believe there is not a better brand on the market for RV, Boat lighting or Camping available anywhere! HARDKORR is actively seeking importers in various country’s for opportunities to sell the HARDKORR range.

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