BJ Enterprises & Marketing

44 Stroud Street, Bulahdelah, New South Wales 2423

BJ Enterprises & Marketing sells a wide range of compact and collapsable kitchenware for the RV, Caravan and campers and 4×4.

Examples are collapsible containers, buckets, tubs, pots, kettle, etc.

Also products to keep food fresh longer, Ezysafe bag sealers, stay fresh produce bags. We are the sole supplier of the Ezysafe can opener.

Compact grater, knife sharpener, cutlery packs, mugs, water bottles, measuring cups, etc.

We also have the ZeroPak range of food vacuum sealers, bags and roll film. The ZeroPak Dual vac runs on either 12v or 240v.

Product & Services
Camping Equipment
RV Accessories
  • Ezysafe
  • Magic cooking products
  • Ozwit
  • EasyKlip
  • Rain Saver Gutter
  • Super Peg
  • Food Vacuum Sealers Australia
  • Sico
  • Status
  • ZeroPak