Top Aussie Outdoor Games

Australians love the outdoors in Summer and in particular this Australia Day long weekend why not make the most of the weather and enjoy some fun with family and friends.

Here are the top outdoor games to play this Australia Day or any day! 

Thong Toss

Mark out a line on the grass or sand if you’re at the beach. Set some rules, like no over arm. The aim is to see who can throw the thong the furthest. Use small thongs for little kids they find them easier to use.

Egg & Spoon Race

All you need is an egg and spoon for each player and an area to run. Holding the spoon between their teeth with the egg placed on the spoon and using no hands, watch them run to the finish line, keeping the egg balanced on the spoon. If the egg falls the player starts again. Make it interesting and use raw eggs.

Beach or Backyard Cricket

Set up an area for the pitch and if you do not have stumps, use a bin or chair.

Beach Frisbee or football

Simple but fun. Nothing is more Australian than a frisbee or football on a beach.

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items that can be found in your surrounds and the winner who collects the most wins. Set a time frame to make it more challenging.

Eat an Arnott’s Biscuit into an Aussie Shape

By eating a biscuit see if you can nibble your way into making something that resembles Australia.

Pin the tail on the Kangaroo

Same rule as Pin the Tail on the donkey. Use on old cardboard box to create the shape of a Kangaroo and use a piece of material for the tail.

Water Play

You don’t need a swimming pool, simply a water gun or water balloons. Perfect for those hot days!

3 Legged Race

Pair up and tie your legs together. The challenge is getting to the finish line the fastest.

Bubble Blowing

Using a bubble wand or similar, see who can blow the biggest bubble.