Simple Campfire Sandwich Recipes

Sandwiches are a stable to any lunch (apart from hamburgers and hotdogs) and the following ideas are a great hit for the campfire. Simple to prepare.


You can use slices of bread and a jaffle iron and use the contents with either ham and cheese; tuna and cheese; ham and egg; baked beans, spaghetti or create your own.

Egg Pocket

Toast the pita while the tofu and bacon are cooking. Line the sides of the pita with tomato and bacon. Finish with a slice of Swiss cheese and the cooked egg whites.

Roast Beef & Cheese Loaf

Cut slits about 2 cm apart in an unsliced loaf of bread, making sure you don’t cut all the way through and spread with butter. Add a piece of roast beef and cheese to each slit, wrap in foil and cook.

Chicken Cutlets

Thinly cut or pounded chicken cutlets dipped in seasoning, flour, egg and breadcrumbs cooked and made into a sandwich. Add mayonnaise, lettuce and cheese.

Cheese Melts

Use either slices of bread or rolls. Place cheese in the middle and wrap in foil. Place on the hot ashes and turn for an even cook.

Pocket Pizzas

Take a pocket pita and line with pizza sauce. Add pizza toppings such as cheese, pineapple, pepperoni etc. Wrap in foil and place on the hot ashes, turning to cook.