Retire From Work Life

Obviously there’s no specific age – or time of year – barrier to going camping or caravanning, but if you’re an active, ‘older’ camper, heading to a holiday park or even going bush is a fantastic release valve from life’s pressures – especially in the quieter seasons.

Whether it be by tent, cabin, camper trailer, caravan or motorhome, escaping momentarily from the rat-race is a rejuvenating experience. You simply can’t beat recharging the batteries and getting back to basics! Something as simple as turning off your phone can have a calmative effect while you’re on the road.
It really doesn’t matter if you’re ‘glamping’ on a powered site, camping off-grid in the natural beauty and serenity of a remote location or chasing extreme outdoor excitement, nothing compares to breathing in fresh air – and it has the added benefit of being inexpensive compared to staying in hotels, motels and other types of accommodation.

It’s totally relaxing and won’t blow the budget. Yes, there’s plenty of fun-filled days and nights to be enjoyed camping or caravanning that won’t cost a king’s ransom!

And when it comes to straying from the bitumen, what can better the banter and belly-aching laughs while sitting in front of the bush TV (campfire) at night?

Camping or caravanning is not only an antidote for the hustle and bustle of life, it’s a great way to spend quality time with family and friends in idyllic settings.

So if you’re pining for peace and quiet, and a return to nature, what are you waiting for? Going camping or caravanning will relieve the humdrum of daily routine.

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