Support Your Drought-affected Towns

Small towns of NSW are encouraging people to support their communities by taking your next holiday in regional NSW as having visitors in a drought is a great support for small business and boosts community moral.

Known as the worst drought in history, the NSW Department of Primary Industries advises 61% of NSW is either in drought or intense drought, while nearly 39% is drought affected and small towns are taking a hit economically.

Regional NSW is still very much open for business, and locals are urging people to visit which is the best way to help the farmers and communities that have lost livelihoods and income.

It is as simple as buying a coffee, refueling, staying a night or more and going to the supermarket. You can be guaranteed the locals will be glad to see you in their towns.

Majority of towns and regional areas have interesting history, a range of tourism attractions and amazing natural landscapes to enjoy.

Locals say that visiting during the hard drought periods offers and experience as much as the better times and you can understand and appreciate what this country offers and the communities within.

And the spirit of these country towns is what shines through so start planning today.


Image: aerial view of the town of Tibooburra NSW