It’s Still Cool to Camp

It’s time for a spot of camping to brighten up your winter

With the cool weather still upon us you might think it’s too chilly to venture outside for

a weekend of camping. But with a little preparation and the right gear, winter camping offers the ultimate way to spend time with loved ones, get back to nature and enjoy the beauty of winter.

So you can be well prepared for your winter getaway, the CCIA spoke to camping expert, Justin Kerley, Director of Kangaroo Tent City who gave us his top tips for enjoying camping this winter:

Make sure your gear is up for the job

“Winter requires performance. If you are taking an old tent or sleeping bag, get it out and check to make sure it has no tears or holes,” Justin says.

Buy the best you can afford

“The price of camping gear has been stable for the past decade but now you get much more performance for your spend.  It’s worth spending a bit more, especially if you are relying on your gear to keep you comfortable.”

Sleep tight

“Wear your clothes to bed (beanies, gloves and socks), get an insulating inner sheet for your bag and make a bush water bottle out of a disposable drinking bottle filled with hot water.  A down filled sleeping bag is the best option for a warm night’s sleep.”

Kill condensation

“The variation in temperature from day to night creates a lot of condensation so keep any gear that isn’t in the tent under the awning or you will find it very wet in the morning.

Always leave an opening for ventilation in the door or window so the buildup of moisture from your breath will not create condensation on the roof over night.”

Say no to the airbed

“It might be comfortable, but an air bed does nothing to insulate you from the cold ground underneath.  Use a self inflating mattress or foam so that your body warmth is reflected.

A heat shield between your mattress and sleeping bag is a great way to reflect your own warmth.”

Eat up

“It’s not a bad idea to have a hearty meal a few hours before bed. Cook something simple and wholesome that will fuel your body for the night ahead and take flint sticks rather than normal matches to ensure you can light your cooker no matter what the conditions.”

Be camp smart

“Be aware of moisture and what the elements are doing around you like knowing where the sun is going to rise and which way your door is facing and nothing beats local knowledge and the long range weather forecast.”


Most of all relax and enjoy!