Happy Kids On The Road

5 Essential Tips For Happiness



Keep to the usual routine as much as possible such as meal times. Pack your own food so you can stop when needed. You may need to stop on the side of the road instead of the dedicated picnic area but is worth that extra 30 minutes to upset the routine and inevitably the kids? Toilet stops also need to be considered. Keep junk food to a minimum to prevent a sugar rush and keep hydrated with water.


Like food, keep to the usual routine as much as possible. Plan to be on the road at the time when they have their sleep time – most kids fall asleep to the momentum of the car.

Games & Entertainment

Pack as lightly as possible with only the essential tried and true favourites. Use car games such as I Spy and Travel Bingo. Introduce family sing a longs with a mixture of music to keep everyone happy and engage in conversation by talking about what they will experience  whilst on holiday.


Kids need to release their pent-up energy so stopping at a playground or taking a small detour for a short bushwalk can be beneficial.

Rules & Awareness 

Venturing into new areas introduces potential dangers so make sure your kids understand the rules and boundaries. Being consistent and introducing punishment if needed will ensure the entire family has an enjoyable and safe holiday.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi