Goldstream 1500 Remote Pop Top

Off-road ready pop-top delivers all the gear in a compact package.

Goldstream RV specialise in producing Australian Made caravans, pop tops, and campers that are tough, reliable and a type to suit all vehicles and lifestyles.

Having built more than 5000 camper trailers over the years, Goldstream is now meeting demand from fussier buyers wanting the best features of a caravan (interior comfort including cooking and washing facilities) with something that’s still light and tough enough to be dragged into rugged locations.

Goldstream’s latest 1500 Remote pop-top is a good example. Sitting in the middle of its pop-top range, the 15ft Remote pop-top is available with two main layouts.

Both include an indoor kitchen, dinette and combination shower/toilet, with either an east-west queen bed or a ‘walk-around’ north-south queen bed (or two single beds if you prefer). LED lights on the ceiling and around the kitchen, as well as some dedicated reading lights around the bed and a Sirocco fan fitted for some extra relief on hot nights.

The inside kitchen comes equipped with a three-gas burner cooktop and stainless sink with drainer and flick mixer tap – both with glass lids to create some bench space as required.

There’s also a rangehood and 93 litre fridge/freezer, but no microwave to allow more room for kitchen storage, which includes three drawers and a cupboard. More interior storage can be found under the bed, as well as a couple of overhead lockers and half-wardrobes and drawers around the bed.

Easy set-up

Like most pop-tops, setting up the 1500 Remote takes a little more effort than a fixed roof van. After releasing the four external roof clasps and roll-out awning, it’s a case of stepping inside and using the ceiling levers at either end to push up the roof.

Once up, there’s plenty of headroom for taller types inside and with the roof windows unzipped and the blinds down on the fixed windows on the side walls, you won’t be lacking for natural light or flow-through ventilation.

Off Road Remote

The ‘Remote’ label refers to the Goldstream’s suitability for off-the-beaten track touring, and to this end it comes well equipped with a Duragal 150 x 50mm A-frame and chassis, 12in electric brakes and 16in alloys with all-terrain rubber,

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