Glamping – A glamorous way to go camping

Glamping is where two worlds become one.

Camping is all about getting out in fresh air, getting away from technology, and enjoying the great outdoors.

For some it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For those without access to equipment, who prefer a proper bed to sleep, or who are sensitive to the elements, it might not be so appealing. Some of us want to get into nature and some like a luxurious hotel.

‘Glamorous camping’ has swept onto the scene in the last few years as part of the evolution of camping and offers all the perks of outdoor experiences without getting your hands dirty.

Essentially, glamping is a luxurious form of camping with options ranging from safari tents, to treehouse and beach shacks.

It’s sleeping in comfort on a proper bed, raised off the floor, that you didn’t have to set up yourself; it’s lounging back in a deck chair on a solid floor, out of the mud and the dirt; it’s enjoying a food from a crackling fire that you didn’t have to build; and it’s leaving all the setting up and packing up to someone else so you can spend 100 per cent of your valuable time just enjoying yourself.

Glamping is a way of combining the wonders of nature with the excitement and glamour of a luxury retreat. You can enjoy bush walks and outdoor activities during the day, and spend the evening relaxing inside with creature comforts.

Glamping also offers an exciting option for couples or groups of friends.

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