Games To Play While Travelling in the Car

Wether it’s School Holidays or a quick weekend away, here are six ideas for games to play while travelling

 I spy with my little eye something beginning with (a letter).

I spy is a guessing game where the spy says “I spy with my little eye something beginning with …” and players have to guess the object the Spy saw. If the kids are younger use a colour instead of a letter.

A-Z Geography

Starting with the letter A, take turns in naming towns or countries that begin with the next letter e.g. Bourke, Caloundra. You can adapt using animals or fruit

Find the Alphabet

Players have to find each letter of the alphabet in order from objects outside the car.

The Yes Game

Take turn in asking random questions. That person tries to answer your question without saying ‘yes’. If they do they ask the next question. Keep your questions short and quick.

Treasure Hunt

Give your kids a list of items that they need to spot on the trip. The first one to cross everything off on the list wins.

20 Questions

One person secretly thinks of either an animal, mineral, or vegetable. The other players then take turns asking yes-or-no questions, such as “Can it fly?” or “Does it grow in the ground?” After the players have asked 20 questions, each player gets a chance to make a guess.