Firing Up a BBQ over a Biji Barbi

Biji-Barbi Caravan Camping NSW

Campfire cooking is a fun way to gather family and friends together for a catch up over a wood-scented delicious meal.

There’s nothing better than having some smoky crispy bacon and fried eggs for breakfast, the perfect beef steak sandwich for lunch OR lemony marinated chicken skewers for dinner – the barbecue recipe ideas are endless.

Whether it’s a day trip or a long weekend getaway, cooking up a simple culinary dish over the campfire is easy with a Biji-Barbi.

What is a Biji Barbi?

The Biji-Barbi is an Aussie invention by the business owner, Tony Upton. It is a dished BBQ plate that has three-fold up legs and a practical, long, fold-up handle. Derived from the Australian plough disc/shear, the Biji-Barbi is great for open fire cooking or a gas burner.

The simple design is compact and convenient enough to fit in your backpacker bag, slide under your car seat or place it in the corner of your vehicle boot.

Find out more about our CCIA Member, Biji Barbi here.